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Happy Valentines Day Images – Most awaited festival of lovers is going to be celebrated this Monday, 14th February 2022. Countdown to lover’s festival is already begun and everyone is planning their way to celebrate Valentine’s day. For some people, it’s the best time to propose their boyfriend or girlfriend by saying, Will you be my Valentine? While those who are already living in love with each other will make it yet another special page in their love book. True love birds will be enjoying and spending more quality time with their partner during this entire Valentine week as it’s not a single-day celebration. From Rose Day, to Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day to finally, Valentine’s Day it’s time to be creative to present your love feelings for your soulmate. Someone will be taking her/him on a date while some will be offering a fancy gift like flowers, chocolates, dresses and so on. But for sending wishes to their valentine through social media, Happy Valentines Day Images, Pictures, Photos, Pics, and Wallpapers will be required. So, here we are adding some best and HD quality Happy Valentines Day 2022 Images, Pictures, Wishes, Messages, and Greetings that you can share with your lover on this Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day Images
Happy Valentines Day Images

Happy Valentines Day Images 2022

Happy Valentines Day Images 2022 – Young ones await for Valentine’s day with great excitement as it’s a very special day for lovers. Although it’s not only about young people. ‘Love’ is celebrated by every person on this day. For individuals, Valentine’s day is not a religious or cultural celebration but a day to celebrate their love. But Valentines Day is originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day in the United States and some other countries honouring a saint called ‘Valentinus’. It’s a significant cultural and commercial celebration in different countries around the world but still, most of them didn’t recognize it as a public holiday.

Valentines Day Images
Valentines Day Images

Valentines Day Images, HD Wallpapers, Photos 2022

Valentines Day Images, HD Wallpapers, Photos 2022 – Valentines Day is among the United States’s most popular holidays and about 65% of Americans send greeting cards, flowers, and other gifts to their special one. Valentine’s day was known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine and was not so popular in ancient days. It’s a part of Western Christian feast day to honour Saint Valentines who was known as Saint Valentine of Rome. But now because of the commercialism of this holiday, it became popular worldwide. Now Valentine’s day is a big time to sale cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts. Digitalisation also helped this event to gain more hype as people use Valentines Day Images, HD Wallpapers and Photos for their smartphones and laptop’s wallpaper and screensaver.

Happy Valentines Day Pictures 2022

This celebration of romance and love is a secular holiday although it has Christian historical roots. But Christians also don’t know exactly when and how they started celebrating. Some people believe that it valentines day was started in the time of pre-Romans empire when they were celebrating it but with a different name, Lupercalia. But in 21st century Valentine’s day became a festival of love, romance, and spending quality time with their soulmate. Lovers go on a long drive, love dates, and travel to romantic destinations. Clicking Happy Valentines Day Pictures and Photos is a common activity on 14th February.

When Is Happy Valentines Day 2022 Date? –  History, Tradition

St. Valentine’s Day which now named as Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on a fixed date, 14 February. It’s a beautiful day for all the lovers to express their love and affection for their soulmate with creative and unique flowers, greetings and gifts. It’s observed by many countries around the world like the United States, Canada, Australia, India and Germany, but still not a public holiday in most of them.

Happy Valentines Day 2021
Happy Valentines Day 2022

Remembrance of The Legend of St. Valentine by the Christians is the only religious concern with Valentines Day. Apart from this, in modern time it’s just a commercial holiday in which most young people are involved. It’s not only about 14 February of Valentines Day, but the entire February month is called a month of Romance.

Valentine’s Week 2022 – Eight Days Of Love

Valentines Day is not a single day event but it’s a seven-day celebration from 7th February to 14th February which more famously known as ‘Valentine’s Week’. Seven days of Valentines Week 2022 are Rose Day, Purpose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hud Day, Kiss Day and finally last but not the list, Valentines Day.

Valentine Week 2021
Valentine Week 2022

Valentine Week 2022 List

Rose Day07th February
Purpose Date08th February
Chocolate Date09th February
Teddy Day10th February
Promise Day11th February
Hug Day12th February
Kiss Day13th February
Valentines Day14th February

Rose Day:-

Very first day of Valentine Week 2022 is ‘Rose Day’ which is also first in the process of purposing a girl/boy offering a Rose to her/him. Accepting the rose means she/he also have some feeling for you. So, thus how a journey to a beautiful relationship of true love starts.

Purpose Day:-

The second day of the love week is called Propose Day which is the perfect opportunity to propose to someone you feel is special for you. Everyone wants to be proposed on a special day with a special note, especially girls and that’s why it’s one of the most important days of Valentine’s Week.

Chocolate Day:-

Now if she/he has the same feeling for you and accepted your love proposal, all next six days of this entire Valentine’s week are going to be special for you and your love mate. But even if your love proposal is denied, you have six more opportunities. Offering favourite Chocolate on Chocolate Day, you can be more close to her.

Teddy Day:-

Girls love Chocolates and Teddy a lote and that’s why ‘Teddy Day’ was added to this lover’s week. On the fourth day of Valentine week, you can buy beautiful teddy for your girlfriend and gift her.

Promise Day:-

Now it’s Promise Day as certain promises are really important for every lover because at last every relationship stands on faith and believe. Promise Day is the perfect time to find those promises which can promise her/him a secure and long-lasting love life. Best promise you can commit on this day is to be with each other forever no matter what will be the condition, bad or good.

Hug Day:-

By committing relationship strengthening promises, you have gained a right to Hug Her/him. Hug Day could be your best day for the very first hug of your soulmate, but with her/his permission.

Kiss Day:-

On every 13th of February, lovers get most excited as it’s ‘Kiss Day’, the seventh day of Valentine’s Week. It’s the confirmation sign of love proposal you have made on the first day of Valentine’s day when you offer her a red rose. couples express their love feelings for their special one by kissing on Kiss Day.

Valentine’s Day Wallpapers For Desktop, Laptop, iPhone

Happy Valentines Day Photos For Lover

This one day out of 365 days dedicated for all the lovers to enjoy beautiful moments of their life with a special candlelight momentum dinner. 14 February is the best time to express real feelings of love for your partner. In a time of internet and social media, you can purpose your love on Facebook and WhatsApp as well. For this, you may require some beautiful Valentines Day Photos and pictures along with lovely wishes and messages.

Valentine’s Day Clipart Images, GIF, Cartoon & Banners For Girlfriend

Some girls love the techy way of wishes like Valentines Day Clipart Images and GIF. Boys don’t like to miss this opportunity to express love and affection for his girl. That’s why we are adding cute Valentine love GIF to share on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and other sites.

Valentines Day Images
Valentines Day Images

Funny Valentines Day Pics, Memes, Images 2022

Wherever lover there is fun, laughs and entertainment and there is no reason not to be funny on Valentine’s Day. Apart from romantic clicks, couples can go for some funny and laughing moments to be clicked in their camera. Those who are single or want to play some playful jokes on their friends can try Funny Valentines Meme and pictures.

Funny Valentines Day Images
Funny Valentines Day ImagesFunny Valentines Day Images

Free Valentines Day Pictures For Facebook

Valentines Day Images For Facebook
Valentines Day Pictures For Facebook
Valentines Day Pictures For Facebook

Happy Valentines 2022 Images With Quotes, Wishes, Messages

In the previous year(2021), the social gathering was restricted in almost every country because of on going lockdown. But in 2022, most of the countries has opened the lockdown and now you can go on travel and outing with your partner on this Valentine’s Day. When you want to make this day perfect and memorable, you will need some special words to use instead of just ‘I Love You’. But most of the people don’t have any idea about what to write on their card. So, keeping this thing in mind here we are adding some beautiful Valentines Day 2022 Images with Wishes, Quotes and Messages which can make her/him fall in your love.